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05.01.2012 , 05:06 PM | #12
so it wasnt just me then, although my BH merc is only level 24 im already feeling the sting of things not working like it should. Ive made a post a few days ago about this issue
From the sounds of it i better quit while im still ahead, as i dont even have access to alot of the talents that tracers is linked too just yet. And my power shot seems to do the same damage without all the set up involved. Feels like i would be better off going healer spec just to get that supercharged gas talent point and spam free power shots for 10seconds. Atleast then i dont have to worry about contantly having to pause inbetween enemies to dump out heat cause my main move does low damage so i have to spam it alot cause there isnt other choices really inbetween 15 sec cd moves.
Figure being low level would make resource management tolerable, but from the way the talents are looking it wont be until mid30s-40 that rotations become more heat efficient AND damaging. But by then ill probably be turned off by the class by then seeing how the main talent points in the tree DO NOT work properly, why wait til im high level to deal with the same mess.

I Shouldnt have to do like 5-6 tracer missles unload and railshot to kill something my level and heat capping myself in the process. My same level sorc can open up with crushing darkness>shock>force lightning> wrath proc instant lightning strike to kill something in half the time while still having about 80% force left and that is more like a dot class than nuke....