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Can't kill the anciemt beast on the final class friend or Foe I am 46 trooper/commando, tried over 30 times, what am i missing, thanks all
I just did this on my 46 commando this past weekend. Let's just say it was like the 5th or so try and I got lucky. I used Elara Dorne for healing and that seemed to be a must. When the mob started doing the extra damage from pounding the ground or whatever he is dong, I would run out and try to kite him somewhat.

I absolutely had to use my heroic moment to open up my freeze/stun. Use that ability any time it is up to do some extra damage while the mob is stunned. Also, use any skill you can to slow him, as I used my gunnery full auto anytime it was up. Not much else to say other than kite as you can and hope Elara heals you well. Two small dogs popped toward the end and fortunately they went after Elara. If they had damaged me I was dead.

Good luck as this is definately challenging.