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05.01.2012 , 02:03 PM | #9
I'm sure that that BioWare dude on the forums is absolutely 100% responsible for the ticket bug in game. In fact, I'm thinking the entirety of BioWare is actually just one person, and it's probably that guy, so let's totally lynch him.

They're obviously reading these forums. Considering that BW is in general one of the more receptive companies when it comes to what players ask for, I don't know why talking about things that are wrong in a semi-constructive manner seems to go out the window so fast.

Although the OP is nigh-unreadable, the point that Tracer Missile and Heatseeker Missile -- and whatever the Trooper equivalents are -- seem to have completely broken damage (even if it was just a brain fart on the tooltip) could certainly do with restatement. I don't feel THAT weak, though then again, I don't raid at the highest level eihter, so grain of salt and all that.