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I tried to edit this to make it as readable as possible... please dont shoot the messenger!!!!!


As of late I've been reading a lot of post on the forums on how the Devs have just wrecked Merc Bounty Hunters and to all those non believers out there its true. I ran some testing on the Arsenal spec'ed dps using the operation lvl testing dummy on the Imperial fleet and here are the numbers as proof:

(Tracer Missile) tool tip indicates its dmg is between 1736-1872 kenetic damage i logged 16 normal hits non stack armor debuff average hit was 1346.062.
I then logged 17 stacked armor debuff " which is 20%" average hit normal hit 1410.705.

As you can see the damage is way off... by the way this is with High Velocity Cylinder which grants a 35% armor penetration automatically, which is not calculated in bonus dmg in any way in the tool tip.
Now with it off the dmg is 1263.85 with TM stacked armor debuf. It was 1178.642 not stack TM armor debuff.

Extra numbers "crits" no TM stack high velocity on average crit 2341.5. The stacked armor debuff gave 2468.176, high velocity off non stack crit 2046.125, stacked armor debuff 2203.181.

From the numbers you can see the damage is way off and for people out there thinking well it is a operation boss lvl dummy is still has alot of armor left. I also get these same numbers on trash in operaions and flash points on strong elites and champions.
I will say this, the Armor debuff tracer missile applies does work.

Now on to Heat Seeker Missile, which is also bugged. The tool tip indicates 2126-2263 kinetic damage and is supposed to receive a 4% damage bonus for each stack of tracer missile which goes up to 5. We should receive a 20% armor reduction and a 20% damage increase to Heat Seekers Damage.

Get ready to be surprised... fully stacked with high velocity cylinder on normal hits average 2145.25! Laughable huh? The non stacked high velocity on average hit 1645.166 and that is just pathetic.
Here are some crit numbers non stack high velocity of 3331.75.
Fully stacked high velocity on 4396.9.
The extra numbers high velocity cylinder off with stacked bonus normal 1943.333, crit 3934.

This is just sad its also worth noting that they secretly reduced our crit chance by chumping body guard talent from 6 to 3% crit chance that was not in the patch notes!
They reduced the area of effect for death from above and a couple of other small things. (Including changing DFA from Elemental to Kinetic damage so armor now mitigates it)
Pre 1.2 they nerfed tracer missile by 10% the official word from the devs was so it would encourage more unique ability rotations rather than just spamming tracer missile. Now with 1.2 it seem tracer missile has taken another hit whether it be intentional or not.
In a 1.2 patch the devs said that they fixed heat seekers and Merc Bounty Hunters would only benefit from their stack and not others which prior that patch Heat seeker would average crit for me 9.5k crit (NO JOKE) in a raid.
Well it seems that they broke it, as of right now Arsenal Bounty Hunters are the weakest dps and the only real reason to keep them in raid so the armor debuff they apply to help the raid.

These number ive posted are based from fully raid buffed but no stim.
I have mostly end game armor and weapons (campaign and blackhole gear) which is best in slot with augments. I can link a picture of my character sheet. And really if i've got the best gear a Merc can get and im still seeing numbers like these I can only imagine what other Mercs are posting.

One final note: it doesnt get any better in pvp im seeing reduced numbers in pvp with full battlemaster gear expertise at 1131 some one please explain that?