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05.01.2012 , 06:15 AM | #216
Is it correct that companion affection increases the crit chance with +0 to +5% (presumeably +1% for every 2000 affection)? I saw a dev post on this but have been unable to find it again.

In that case I dont see how droid sensors are very useful for increasing your crit chance? Even with +5% crit, the droid isnt better than a maxed companion (and I personally maxed mine out pretty quickly by doing dailies). Or does the droid count as being at max affection for the purpose of crafting? I've found him to crit fairly often and he does seem to think I'm pretty awesome.
Btw, sensors require legacy 7 to use now - not 12.

Thank you for making and maintaining this guide, Bowser, I find myself revisiting it a lot.

EDIT: ok - so I realised you can gain affection with the droid now by giving it companion gifts. Both models really like technology and especially cultural artifacts.