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The Reflect-Buff from Zorn is 30m, Toth´s debuff can be dispelled from melee. Melee staying on Toth avoids the "big" jumpdmg from Toth. Ranged DPS always stay on same position and switch targets after the jumps. There is no difference between switching tank positions or simply spot them to the other side.

Thanks for contributing to the discussion - just be aware the fearless debuff is 25 M and not 30, so is manageable by positioning DPS appropriately.

The tank position switch vs boss position switch is down to personal preference. But we feel moving 2 tanks is simpler as healing movement is reduced, allowing for increased healing and damage/mechanics on DPS is constant based on who's assigned to each side.

Equally it's easier to move 2 tanks as opposed to 4 DPS and 2 healers.

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