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XOR, nice link to taugrim, he's one of my favorite PVP sources

Hmmm, so the safe login doesn't have a zone attached, but you're not suggesting that it does. So let me rephrase and see if I understand: Your idea is to look for <safe login> <bolster> death, then rezone in would look like : <safe login><bolster> repeat. repeat, repeat... until we see <safe login> and no bolster. Is that correct?

Now it makes sense why you said there appears to be a bolster event in level 50 only warzones.
Just to clarify, when you die in PvP, your resurrection doesn't count as a re-zone. So you could search for a <Safe Login> followed by a <Bolster> to find the start of a Warzone, and match the following <Safe Login> (which is actually the re-zone back to wherever you where before you entered the PvP Warzone) for the end of that Warzone. I don't have enough PvP logs yet to determine if this is 100% reliable, but I'm sure parsing enough logs will uncover a reliable pattern that you can unleash your regex tricks on.

It would be nice if Bioware would just attach a zone ID to each Safe Login event. Something like [Safe Login Alderaan Civil War Match #XXXX] would be really nice, because then we could merge logs based on different unique Warzone IDs with certainty.