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04.30.2012 , 09:51 PM | #3
Would love more perks that help us SAVE Money. A reduce mod change outs price cut,

Maybe legacy wide mounts. so stuff like the Koreallis Commander can be on our alts.
Legacy Wide Valor/Social.

More Legacy exclusives: Perhaps
a Legacy Color Crystal(a completely new hue, not a black core)
Reduction of prices but extensions of required ranks.
Neutral Legacy Ability: I suggest it summons a 2nd companion out for x amount of seconds. (if no companion available summons generic faction trooper)
Able to use another class's ship within your faction you played through to 50, I want to chill in something else.
Promised additional class emotes with voices.
More Emote unlocks, like taking apart a lightsaber like in the Jedi start zone, playing with a holocron, etc.
Ship additions that are "New" decorations, collectables inside the ship, maybe some freaking clickable DOORS?