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I really liked it overall and give it a 9/10.

Spoilers below, so skip if you haven't finished the Consular story yet.

The Consular's first chapter is actually my favorite. The build up to creating the lightsaber felt epic: obtaining a historic hilt, then fending off a huge monster for the crystal, and then immediately going in to the final confrontation after creating the lightsaber. I found the mystery behind the plague intriguing, and being the only Jedi to know the curing technique gave me a sense of importance within the universe. It was empowering to travel to each planet and cure the resident Jedi Master.

I didn't get as attached to the story in the second and third chapter. The whole "gain favor with local residence" didn't feel all that different from the normal planet questline. The child of the emperor stuff was always interesting though, but it did seem to end abruptly.

I've played through the Jedi Knight and Smuggler story. The Jedi Knight story was more thorough overall, with awesome conclusions for each chapter, but the stuff in between wasn't as great as chapter 1 of the Consular story. The Smuggler story was the weakest of the three for me. I didn't like being lead along on questionable tasks, and it defeated the freelancer feel I was hoping for.