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A search on the suggestion forums for the term "legacy" in the title, returns 500 threads.
So as a try to concatenate the most asked or discussed ideas here's... one more topic

  1. Before anything else the most asked and viewed topic is about allowing players to change their legacy name.
  2. Then, not so surprisingly the second one is to part surnames (or last names) from the legacy feature.
  3. Going on we dig into the alt as companions at level 50

#1: improved as player now have a free change. Expect paid changes in the future with the cash shop.

And don't forget to turn off the legacy creation name screen popup.
[new] And the Legacy rename popup too

[new] Since Legacy names aren't anymore unique with the server consolidation, two players (or more) totally strangers one to the other, can end with the same Legacy name. Thus ruining the goal of Legacy name being making the characters of a player belonging to the same "family".
.......=> Add an option to check if a legacy name is already taken.

Now specifically about the legacy trees the requests are:
  1. More links types:
    • Adopted sibling (for if you are not making characters of the parents)
    • Aunt/Uncle
    • Cousin
    • Twin
    • Mentor or Master
    • Slave (could add a strike-through for former slave, for Inquisitors especially)
    • Alias of
    • Unaware of Existence
    • Friends (vs Ally)
    • Enemies (vs Rival)
    • *Or (better?) a blank field filled by the player
  2. Not limiting link as (Adopted)Child for the links in the middle of the legacy tree (ie: not flat legacy)
  3. Keeping dead (i.e.: deleted) characters in the tree
  4. Cross server Legacy
  5. Link legacies to characters of others players
  6. More than one legacy tree per server, with ability to link them
  7. Add companions to the legacy tree

Interestingly enough players want to use the Legacy feature between their characters for sharing:
  1. Cargo hold/Secret stash
  2. Credits pool
  3. Datacron unlocks
  4. Codex entries unlocks
  5. Social ranks
  6. Valor (since it is now purely cosmetic and has no impact on stats)
  7. Titles
  8. Achievements
  9. Crew Skills (Send other character companions on crafting missions)
  10. Gear
    • Heirloom for leveling
    • Wardrobes for look
  11. Space ship chassis
  12. Legacy Unlocks: choice of smaller fee for individual characters or more expensive for legacy-wide.
  13. Quick travel points.
  14. Reveal know maps
  15. Planetary commendations.

Now about the new stuff, players are suggesting, new:
  1. Titles
  2. Gear & droid skins
  3. Weapons & Crystal colors combinations
  4. Body customization (Hair / face / jewelry / tattoo...) for characters and companions
  5. Character species
  6. Crafting recipes
  7. Speeders (single player, multiplayer & character + companion)
  8. Pets
  9. Armor decals
  10. Emotes
  11. Titles (ex: title for getting all the datacrons)
  12. More character slots
  13. Multi-Pet: bring out more than 1 pet at a time.
  14. Linguist: Your character may now speak in alien language during cutscenes
  15. Reset all class quests for a caped character & automatically adjust quests difficulty
  16. Defect to the opposite faction and keep your class (*might not work when raising the level cap)
  17. Call in your spaceship to do a stafing or bombing run on your enemy.

For convenience features we have the following entries:
  • Travel
    • To space ship porting
    • "Home Point" bind option for quick travel ability
    • Speeder speed increase
    • Faster Quicktravel cooldown
    • Group Transport: shuttle group members to leader location
    • Increase sprint speed
    • Add a /burst feature allowing to get away from a fight
    • Speeder armoring Increases the amount of damage your speeder takes before exploding)
    • Increase current speeder speed to next tier
    • On the run mounting: you can summon your vehicle without stopping. The speeder would zoom in from behind, you jump on it, and continue forward without ever stopping.
  • Manage our emails with our datapad from anywhere
  • Access to the GTN with our datapad from anywhere
  • Companions send (or pickup) mail packages from the space ship for the player
  • Companions sell items for the player, both to traders and the GTN
  • Increase duration for listing GTN Items (ex: 5 days, 7 days, 10 days)
  • Increase max number of Items for sale per character on the GTN (ex: 25, 50, and 100 )
  • Discount for Credit Deposit on Item Sale (ex: 10%, 20%, and 30%)
  • Check mail on other characters
  • Drop mission items in the bank vs inventory
  • Dedicated crafting bags and bank slots.
  • Companion buy mats automatically
  • Being able to use crafting-restricted items
  • Reduced money sinks fees (1)
  • Use the Ship Holoterminal to have all your level faction fleet dailies and weeklies to save time on the fleet
  • Ship augment table
  • Being able to change a BoP item into a Bind On legacY (BoY)
  • Legacy Name as a pre-title.
  • Manage crafting & missions for all companions through a centralized UI
  • Manage all companions and character gear through a centralized UI
  • Queuing a character for any instanced content while playing an alt solo
  • Increase chance to crit on every crew mission
  • Summon a droid that loots items for you from killed enemies
  • Advanced Holocommunicator:: 'turn in' any completed quest via your holocummunicator.
  • Rename pet(s)
  • Mascot: pets gives a presence bonus
  • Field Training Droid that can train you new skills
  • Extra character slot
  • Remote training: learn new skills without being obliged to travel back to a trainer (ex: by holocom or a training droid)
  • Legacy (ship?) communication center: allow player to join global channel

Then it seems players see the legacy as a nice way to unlock some major changes to their characters after character creation
  1. Name
  2. Specie
  3. Body features
  4. Sex

On the companion system:
  1. Players have requested to be able to change their companions name with a nickname.
  2. It seems sharing companions between alts is really looked after. (ie: playing Mako with a Sith Warrior or why not a Smuggler.)
  3. Being able to use 2 companions at once, mostly was requested to solo some instances.
  4. And finally really being able to edit the companions body through a character creation tool
  5. Customized companions should have the portraits change to the new customization
  6. Add a nickname to companions (and toggle which of the name/nickname to display)
  7. Mule: your companion and/or pet can hold additional items for you

About classes now while dual specs are in the works AC to AC respec was requested and, once again IMHO would work well along the legacy system. Now to promote alt playing, this could be limited to players with already 4 capped characters or say 2 capped and a high level of legacy + a gold farmer fee

Note about the 1.3 speeder begin available at lower level, (LEGACY SPEEDER LICENSE) I'd suggest to lower it by 5 to 10(max) levels for each capped alt instead of lowering immediately to 10, depending on how much points or credits the player spends on that unlock tree.

Before leaving, IMHO the PORTABLE MAILBOX and maybe even the REPAIR DROID features looks like very much Wowish without making it better. Replacing these with the companion item transfer trough the ship and UPS to the player house (space ship) would be a SW improvement to them and a nice topping.

=========== ===========
I'd like to apologize in advance for all the great ideas I missed. As you can guess I did not read all the 500 topics. Still it would be my pleasure to add future entries posted here.

The Legacy is really a feature where TOR can shine, still I'd like to point at some major issues in the first iteration.
- The first being making the legacy a gold farmer dream come alive (2)
- The second being implementing features going against the lore by many players, and as such dividing the population in two opposed factions... but not in game!
- The third being penalizing players that already level characters with new species unlock as no specie switching yet.

(1, 2) Some data on the in game wealth:
Quote: Originally Posted by Guild Summit
Wealth distribution for level 50 chars 80% of level 50s have less than 400k credits. . chart ends at 10 million less than 1% have 10 million.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guild Summit
84% of our players have less than 1 million credits.
......=> Credits distribution is roundly
  • [0 - 400k[ = 80%
  • [400k -1M[ = 4%
  • [1M - 10M[ = 15%
  • [10M & >] = 1%

Finally I hope in the future The Legacy system will be less restrictive from not imposing a legacy name to obliging all characters to have (even not displayed) a same legacy name nor being tied one to the others.

P.S.: Gear customization and management
[HOW_TO] Mouse look toogle