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Regarding PVP... What is 'bolster' for? Is it unique to PVP? "Safe Immunity" won't work, since you get that every time you zone into an instance (PVP or PVE). I'll do a few PVP rounds today and see if I can isolate some of the events and put some logic around them. I think the harder part will be when to consider the warzone over. I also want to spend more time on this, because I feel like you'd want to see different stats on PVP reports... for example you care more about damage mitigation a lot, and threat doesn't matter at all.
Bolster information: To summarize, Bolster is a unique Warzone feature that equalizes everyone's base stats (in the levels 10-49 bracket) up to the equivalent of a level 49 character. Originally, all of the PvP (levels 10-50) were in a single bracket, but this has been broken into a levels 10-49 and a level 50 bracket since patch 1.1. The Bolster buff shouldn't do anything in the level 50 bracket, but it still appears in the combat logs for level 50 characters (from what I've seen).

One difficulty I can see in tracking individual Warzone games will be characters entering after a Warzone has started or leaving before one has ended. However, since there will be a "Safe Login" event for each zone-in, you could search for a "Safe Login" event with a matching "Bolster" or "Deserter Detection" event within a short time of each other and be fairly certain that that "Safe Login" was a character entering a Warzone. As far as determining when a character has left a Warzone, you could look for the next "Safe Login" event, which will always be the character zoning back to Fleet (or wherever they where when they entered the Warzone). It is never possible to zone directly from one Warzone to another, so a PvP log will always look like <Safe Login> (Warzone start) <bunch of fighting> (Warzone end) <Safe Login> (back to Fleet) <Safe Login> (Warzone start) <bunch of fighting> <Safe Login> (back to Fleet) etc.