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I love the game itself its fun its very well built, but the time and effort trying to loggin in to this game i ridiculous.

Tomb of freedon Nadd is a server my friends choose to play, they are up at lvl 30+ so i do understand their choice not to switch server.

However seeing how Bioware, EA and Lucas arts have the money to atleast buy more and more stabilized server its freakishly annoying.

I hope this is a temporary thing, but if you expect people to have to spend 2-3 hours everytime they want to play you are in deep water.

Not to mention the sudden FPS drop to the game. I Played the beta with 45 fps, no hardware change or software change it decreased to 10 fps, this is just a shame.

I dont mean to flame, just expressing my opinion on how well the launch of this game has been.

Blizzard didnt have this problem while launching world of warcraft.
How is it that SWTOR has this problem?

All im saying is, please for godsake you should fix this....
What? WoW did have this problem. WoW you got the loot bug when looting bodies and mines forcing you to log off and restart every few times when it comes to looting. In WoW the servers on release kept crashing because blizzard didn't expect to have anywhere near the players that they did. The que times were outrageous. On Warsong I had to wait 3+ hours just to get in and play. It wasn't the only server with an outrageous que time. WoW had a rocky launch. Don't get me started on people falling under the world..