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Hold on, are we now going to debate the authority of Drew's writing in the lore universe? As I said before, I'll take his authority over any of yours any day.

2. Video game lore. Kotor has atleast some basis of credibility because its a single player game.

3. In this particular example. It's not my fault you picked an example that is irrelevant to which side of the force you're on.

4. That shows that SIdious made a poor choice in vader as an apprentice but that doesnt have anything to do with the light vs dark debate.

5. The alternative? Becoming a jedi? I think it was made perfectly clear why he didn't try the alternative.

"In this game." Again, I would like to remind you that we're in the lore forums. But if you want to draw an analogy to the game, my marauder would beat your failed hybrid any day of the week (if you follow my earlier allusion).

Since you're largely ignoring most of my points and going off on tangents not directly related to the topic, I think we can agree that this debate is concluded, or as close to being concluded as it ever will be.

To summarize, Light Sith are useful as pawns to promote the agenda of the empire, but they will never be as powerful as dark sith and thus will never be as potent against the jedi.
1. I'm not debating Drew's credibility as a writer. I'm debating Darth Bane's authority as the be-all end-all of Dark Side knowledge.

2. So now this game just doesn't count? Nice.

3. I could bring up any number of other examples. The poisoning of the rebel slaves on Dromund Kaas. Killing the resistance leader on Balmorra vs. getting him to rat out the Republic. Killing Master Timmns. Killing the Selonians vs using them for slave labor.

For every one Dark Side option that improves the Empires chances of winning the war, there are five LS options to the same effect.

4. Sidious was so evil, he inadvertently caused the destruction of his own Empire.

I'd say that's pretty pertinent to the topic at hand.

5. The alternative of even attempting to try anything else. NOT becoming a Jedi.

6. Not to match characters here, but i'd say my own Marauder would be more then a quick bout for your own.

7. It has become pretty clear that this is going nowhere fast.

8. I'll end with this: In every incarnation of the Sith Empire, we have never been able to permanently defeat the Jedi and Republic as we are. We have been destroyed by out own pride, arrogance, and hubris every time. Every. Single. Time. We need to change.