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I play a sniper and my favorite companion is SCORPIO. Unfortunately, gearing a droid is prohibitively expensive, if you want that companion to be as effective as your other companions, who can simply put on campaign/rakata/columi/tionese. Like everyone else, my leftover commendations, greed rolled operations drops, and hand me downs go to my companions. However, you really can't do that with droids, as their equipment does not match up. After 1.2, you cannot transfer operations level gear armoring to Custom (orange) droid gear. The UI won't let you. And even though the mods and enhancements can be transferred, you have to pull 'em and there's a pretty steep cost for it on droids where there is none required for the humanoids.

I'd like to use SCORPIO but Kaliyo just has more gear, and will ALWAYS have better gear. This will only get worse as itemlevels increase with newly released content. And it is disappointing, because I have been trying to shed Kaliyo since level 8. So here's my suggestion. A droid vendor stocked with droid gear of the same itemlevel. I'm talking Campaign, Blackhole, Rakata, Columi, and Tionese. Cores, parts, motors, Sensor Unit, the works. Something to spend those coms or ops tokens on for the droids.

Also, allow cybertechs to RE all of the gear so that they can make augmented droid gear for those who really love their droids. Elise from Dantooine would approve.
Yo. Droid companions need an operations vendor, too. My extra coms have to go somewhere, and I'd prefer SCORPIO to Kaliyo.