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Luke was married and it's not even so unheard some jedis having kids. Like Bastila and Revan married and had children. As you know Satele Shan is a descendent of Bastila. Not sure if they did quit Order but all this happened anyway. No doubt there have been a lot cases.

If you would literally follow Jedi code you would never have passions so you wouldn't really feel anything to anyone. There have been some jedi who have gone that far but that kinda blinds them from real sense justice when they allways just do it as it seem to be correct.

I'm not sure how force affects on these feeling matters. As it can corrupt you if you give in to your passions. Does force somehow guide with it and how it affects if you are more or less strong with force if it even matters. Or is it just more about character?
I do believe something was said somewhere about Revan and Bastila handing in their two weeks notice to the Jedi before they officially hooked up, just so they wouldn't have to go through all the garbage regs as to getting married.

Maybe not, but it makes sense.
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