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Really? Then why is it in every thread here you are fighting off every other poster? No one in the thread on crystal colors agrees with you. Yet I'm the one who claims to be an expert but isn't...

You have failed to prove a single point in any thread on this form yet. You clearly know nothing about the EU lore, yet you claim to do so in every thread. No matter how many people show you how wrong you are.
Ive posted in two threads, both of which started and commented in by supporters of the postive idea while i have argued for the negative. Obviously more people will disagree than agree. That aside, i have pretty much dominated the ls sith discussion. I won't even try to maintain any humility there. The mods removed my reply in the other forum so there was no point continuing there. I'm not an expert on sw lore because im in the minority of most arguments?

The only thing you have any knowledge of is ad hominems, poor rhetoric, and logical fallacies. Lore goes way above your head, false prophet.
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