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This is a problem that I have with the Consular story as well as the Bounty Hunter story (and maybe other classes I haven't played yet) -- the story plays out more like a list of repeated tasks you have to perform instead of a flowing story-line. For the Consular you have to "heal" a Jedi Master on each planet you visit. For the Bounty Hunter, you have to kill a target on each planet you visit (makes sense for that class, but still). Even though the details are different each time, it feels like I'm essentially doing the same thing over and over again on each planet.

It's only like this for the first chapter of the Consular story, however. It does get better with chapter 2.

By contrast, when I played the Imp Agent story-line, I never knew what I was going to get involved with each time I visited a new planet. It never felt like just another variation on something I did previously. There was always a new twist or turn in the story-line.