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3. Okay.... Let's pull up an example, shall we?

On Corellia, as a SW, you need to track down a spy of Baras', and shut down his operations. Upon meeting him, you find out that he's a deep cover plant in the resistance, and is constantly leading Republic troops into unwinnable battles. This man is almost single-handedly winning the fight for the Empire, and his death will result in huge Imperial losses.

The Dark Side option is, of course, to just kill him. Great job. You just prolonged the war at the cost of The Empire.

The LS option is to recrute him for Darth Vowrawn: Defeating resistance holdouts across Coronet city with fewer Imperial deaths. Everything is better for everyone.

One of those options is stupid. One of them is smart. Take your pick.

At least 85% of the other Dark Side options fall into the same system.

3. A. It was a joke. At your expense. Because you failed to spell the word five.

4. Then I suppose the Rule of Two was a failure then. If Bane was already the pinnacle of Sith knowledge on the Force, his entire Order was pointless.

5. A. Why?
B. Why?

Still not seeing your logic.


And Bane eventually removed the orbalisks because he realized they were weakening him.
2. That's game mechanics, last time I checked this was a lore forum.

3. I personally struggled with this decision myself, but not for the reason you think. Firstly, I wouldn't classify letting him live as a light side option. It is purely the machiavellian thing to do. And by the jedi standards, machiavellian choices are darkside choices. But even so, I would classify that as neutral choice and if this game was meant to accurately reflect the lore it should have been a neutral choice. I killed him because I have no mercy for the associates of baras, but thats purely a personal decision. Again, i have already conceded that ls sith have their purposes, but they are still not as powerful as ds sith.

Demonstrating that you lack basic inferrence skills is a joke at my expense? Okey dokey.

4. And with that comment you completely summarize your complete misunderstanding of the darkside and star wars lore in general. Explain the Rule of Two's failure to the thousands of jedi that died as a result of Order 66.

5. a&b) The Bane series states in BLACK AND WHITE that the dark side is weak in the healing arts. Bane, recognizing this, uses the grief and misery of the father of the children he killed to sustain himself. This is a dark side choice in every sense of the word. A light sith would not have access to the healing powers of the jedi and would not have been able to sustain himself with the dark side choice.
But it goes so much farther than that in all aspects of the force. Refer to my game mechanics allusion, the light sith fundamentally is inferior to the dark sith in every way imaginable. Culling them from the order is counter productive, as you pointed out, because they serve a purpose. The best choice would be to eliminate the light sith who attempt to reform the system. Now Bane saw this whole system to be insufficient. When creating the role of two he sought to establish an order that would both protect against the damaging infighting of the sith and yet maintain the strength of life and death competition. Some agree with this, some dont. I have my own philosophy, but the bottom line is that light sith have no place in the rule of two because they will never be able to overcome their masters. It is so obvious I'm not sure why you're even trying to argue against it.

Yes, that represents the fundamental problem of the dark side and forms the center of all jedi's arguments against the darkside. Using the darkside to its maximum potential drains your strength.
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