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04.30.2012 , 02:18 PM | #21
Regarding MOX: We don't plan on building a live raid meter in the near future, perhaps further out. We're happy to integrate with any of the tools though

Mox made a fantastic parser and you should continue to use it. We look at it like this: MOX is like Recount in WoW (live-raid performance assessment), and we're like WoL (post-raid performance assessment / theorycrafting). There is a place for both. Unfortunately, any solution for SWTOR requires every raid member to participate. Mox requires everyone to download and set up the program, Ask Mr. Robot requires everyone to upload a log.

XORDYH - Funny you mention world bosses. I just finished confirming all world boss names (if we spell it wrong, it won't work, ha!). I believe we'll have an update later today with those bosses included

Regarding PVP... What is 'bolster' for? Is it unique to PVP? "Safe Immunity" won't work, since you get that every time you zone into an instance (PVP or PVE). I'll do a few PVP rounds today and see if I can isolate some of the events and put some logic around them. I think the harder part will be when to consider the warzone over. I also want to spend more time on this, because I feel like you'd want to see different stats on PVP reports... for example you care more about damage mitigation a lot, and threat doesn't matter at all.