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Thanks for the replies!

i notice you use 2 jug tanks. and tanks move positions.

what we've been doing is, we have 2 vanguard tanks, and insteand of tank moving positions, we just have the tank taunt the boss on each side and swap the boss's position, and our dps follow the boss as they swap positions.
i was thinking because melee can only stay on one of the boss because of the debuf? so if the tank switch positions then the same boss will always stay on one side?
Just wondering what's the reason or advantage of you guys tanking the 2 boss, with tanks moving positions instead of taunt the boss back. thanks.
@Seektravota Really glad that the videos are helping you out, please let us know if we can do anything to help out Thanks for the compliment!

The reason we make the tanks swap as opposed to DPS swapping is for 3 reasons. The first is to maximise DPS, any form of DPS movement reduces raid damage output - resulting in a longer fight so increased damage.

The second reason is to help out the healers - if melee DPS have to switch, then either the healer focussing on them has to remove - resulting in healing loss due to not being able to cast during the movement, or equally if you assign a healer to each side - they will have to swap target rotations frequently during the fight and so can't settle into any kind of rhythm of healing. If they only need to expect a tank swap switch, damage should be pretty constant on either tank so it's easy to get into a good healing rotation between DPS and tanks.

The final reason is to stop too many people getting the debuff/DOT applied (not fearless). The DOT applies to anyone within a 30 meter range of Zorn we believe, switching the positions of the bosses means that the entire raid is vulnerable to receiving the debuff/DOT and so increasing the amount of cleansing done, increasing the damage but as more cleanses are needed - reducing overall healing. If they stay static and only the tanks swap - the group DPSing and healing the Zorn side are the only ones vulnerable and so making cleansing easier and reducing raid-wide damage.

It's totally down to personal preference though - we just feel the above makes the fight smoother

Thx for this Video.
Our problem is that the AOE damage in the enrage is so ridiculous that everybody dies with 2 ticks altough at a specific boss hp all dds switch to toth to down him first.

So this actualy means we have to less raidDPS right?
I think your referring to the 10% damage increase from both bosses? The best advice I can give is on the jump, ensure that the tank who's going to grab Toth moves it as far away from the healers and DPS as they can (sort of taking a route away from the raid back to the tanking position) and then let Toth pounce - then the ranged can get in and burn him down. Most of the time the pounce seems to be what kills people at that point.

If you mean an actual enrage - the best advice I can give in that case is keep melee away (at least 30 meters) and let the ranged do the damage as best they can - this keeps people out of close-mid range AOE and reduces healing intensity. Something like a sniper bubble and individual cooldowns can help at this point.

thanks for the videos. One remark though, the volume seems a little bit low, I had to crank up the dial up to hear you speak.
Thanks - we're working on trying to get it to a reasonable level so apologies for the inconvenience - we'll try to improve in future videos. I must have my volume too loud Thanks for the comment and feedback!

Thanks all,
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