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04.30.2012 , 07:52 AM | #5
Someone else described this above but I wanted to add some more detail... We have a DPS Powetertech equip some tanking gear (shield, implant, bracers, belt, helm, ear). The PT is placed in the Ranged group on Jarg because the PT can get within 10M and not get hit by Jarg's AOE... Shortly before the Carbonize step occurs, the PT switches to Tank Stance and taunts Jarg... Then the Tank taunts back..
This places the PT and the Tank on the top of Jarg's threat list... The PT stays in Tank Stance to maintain that threat level.. When the first carbonize occurs, The PT and Jarg’s Tank should get carbonized... This leaves Sorno's Tank to pick up Jarg... Bottom line is that whoever did not cat carbonized between the 2 tanks and the PT must pick up the boss… The PT will switch back to DPS stance after the carbonize phase is over and then repeat the process before the next carbonize phase… I think there are some specific emotes to signal an upcoming carbonize phase… We just know based on the timing… that’s the way we manage that fight… having said that, I agree with you that this fight in Nighmare is difficult and requires good execution by the entire raid…