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i notice you use 2 jug tanks. and tanks move positions.

what we've been doing is, we have 2 vanguard tanks, and insteand of tank moving positions, we just have the tank taunt the boss on each side and swap the boss's position, and our dps follow the boss as they swap positions.
i was thinking because melee can only stay on one of the boss because of the debuf? so if the tank switch positions then the same boss will always stay on one side?
Just wondering what's the reason or advantage of you guys tanking the 2 boss, with tanks moving positions instead of taunt the boss back. thanks.
The Reflect-Buff from Zorn is 30m, Toth´s debuff can be dispelled from melee. Melee staying on Toth avoids the "big" jumpdmg from Toth. Ranged DPS always stay on same position and switch targets after the jumps. There is no difference between switching tank positions or simply spot them to the other side.