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Hey everyone,

As promised, after a great response to our story mode guides - we've uploaded the voiceover guide for Zorn & Toth on Hard Mode. Please feel free to comment with feedback/suggestions.

Zorn & Toth [Hard Mode] -

If you need the story mode guides, the links are as follows:

Zorn & Toth -
Firebrand & Stormcaller -
Colonel Vorgath (Minesweeper) -
Warlord Kephess -

Thanks again for everyones support!

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i notice you use 2 jug tanks. and tanks move positions.

what we've been doing is, we have 2 vanguard tanks, and insteand of tank moving positions, we just have the tank taunt the boss on each side and swap the boss's position, and our dps follow the boss as they swap positions.
i was thinking because melee can only stay on one of the boss because of the debuf? so if the tank switch positions then the same boss will always stay on one side?
Just wondering what's the reason or advantage of you guys tanking the 2 boss, with tanks moving positions instead of taunt the boss back. thanks.