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any example of jeddi marriage besides anakon? in the comics , satele shan have an affair with someone and bore achild, but because she is afraid of the jedi , she abandon the son.

do the lore also state that a jedi can quit jedi order , but still retain his lightsaber and his force powers even in civilian life?
An example of a Council approved marriage may be Galan Marek's parents, as TFU is set only a few years after Episode III and Galan was a child, but this is pure player speculation here.

For your second question, I think this post said it best:

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Jolee Bindo retired from the order (self exile) and kept his lightsaber, but never progressed past padawan. He married Nayama, without having the Council's wishes, because although it was frowned upon it was not outright banned.

However, he did not enter exile with her as she died during the war with Exar Kun, having turned to the dark side.

Satele wasn't afraid of the other Jedi and she willingly gave the child up as the Order dictated. If anything she can be described as the embodiment of a true Jedi, a little too detached for my tastes.
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And I love Darth Moonshadow's responses.