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04.30.2012 , 05:05 AM | #15
I personally found a lot of the SW quests to be too evil. I played a DS SW, but honestly...most of her actions are so puppy kicking that the story lacks any emotional resonance for me because no one in their right mind is like, "Yes, leaving you alive would be very helpful to my plans, but I like killing so much that I'm going to take you out anyway."

I'm honestly preferring agent, trooper, and smuggler for that reason. Most of the darkside (and lightside) options make sense. Like, typically the darkside option is more revenge focused. But some of the time, I'd argue that it's the "right" option (i.e. kill this person to prevent bigger problems in the future) or at least a more convenient option. So at least there's some rationale for either choice.