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My take on the Jedi Consular story is EXTREMELY different from the majority of posts I've read about this subject. I absolutely loved the JC story.

Act 1. People keep saying this is the worst act but I rate it the 2nd best act based on the flow of the story and the planets. The one common denominator I keep seeing is people complaining about the fact that the "weakening" aspect of the shielding technique is never explained. I personally feel it was explained right away when you're 1st sent after the noetikons......................

STOP! We know that ,what we mean(or at least I do) is that even though a MASTER used this before and died, now we/i a padawan can use it to shield masters and even though it takes part of us to use this ability ,after the dust settles nothing is mentioned about how weak you are and how you managed it. They made it sound like each use ripped part of your soul out lol

I mean after all if it doesnt take something from you on each use then why did the Master die from using it before? If it doesnt take something of oneself each use then each new use would just be like the first time and make you feel a bit wiffy lol

My main bugbear with classes and storys so far is the companions. Why do I have to take that snivelling **** Tharan who hates force users? Get rid. Get me new companion who is more suited to my clas please lol