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04.30.2012 , 01:36 AM | #21
Damn. Did they do the same to foundry?

Anyways, a run of the hoth heroics takes a lot longer (maybe an hour and a half) and isn't repeatable, but also gives out way more cash once the orange and purple crap gets bought on GTN (an abnormal amount of this drops on the hoth heroics). If you're lucky and a supreme inquisitor piece drops from trash, champions or the boss chest in the one on the far east of the map, that's 100k-200k right there no matter what else you pick up. I've cleared up to 500k after all the sales came in on just one run.

And before someone tells me orange pieces are useless now that synths can make augged orange gear, realize that not every customer on GTN is a min-maxer. Some of them buy items for their level, some for their 'look'. The last set of people will pay a pretty premium for a good-looking piece of moddable gear, so you'll want to preview what it looks like before pricing an item. The level 36-40ish gear tends to look pretty darn good across most classes, for whatever reason.