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From the Jedi Knight story line and Kira romance arc, it was not something I would put up with. But then again, I am soooo sick of the Jedi Council MISINTERPRETING the Code that it isn't even funny. The original Jedi Code was one of the very few things George Lucas actually nixed in the Expanded Universe. It wasn't restrictively worded enough for him, so he had them change the "yet" into "There Is No". If taken in the most literal sense, as the Jedi Councils ALWAYS seem to do, it basically turns a person into a droning robot. It's unnatural and, IMO, immoral.

In fact, there was a line in Green Lantern about the Guardians of the Universe that mirrors almost exactly a line about the Jedi Council. "They pride themselves on having no fear, yet they act out of fear." I am paraphrasing since I don't have the issue handy, but I believe it was Sinestro who said it. The same can be said of those self-righteous hypocrites on the Jedi Council. They ban everything because they fear it. Yet, there is no fear, since fear is an emotion. It's in the Jedi code.
Totally Odan-Urr's fault. >.>

The original code also flowed better.