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My take on the Jedi Consular story is EXTREMELY different from the majority of posts I've read about this subject. I absolutely loved the JC story.

Act 1. People keep saying this is the worst act but I rate it the 2nd best act based on the flow of the story and the planets. The one common denominator I keep seeing is people complaining about the fact that the "weakening" aspect of the shielding technique is never explained. I personally feel it was explained right away when you're 1st sent after the noetikons. It is very apparent that the last person to use the shielding technique used it so much that it eventually killed them. That's the warning you get and whey some of the people involved in the decision don't want you to attempt it. Nobody knows how much shielding one can take (I might be able to handle way more or way less of it than the next Jedi) and it's dangerous because if you do it too much you die. The fact that I was able to shield all 5 masters successfully shows how much inner strength I have and also explains why the council puts so much faith in my abilities later on in the story. As for the masters themselves, I found it very interesting to see how the force plague led each of them into different delusions. I also loved the way the masters were linked together by Vivicar and I thought that story unfolded very nicely. In addition, I enjoyed the way each inflicted masters plan on their respective planet felt like a separate and dire quest on it's own completely outside of the big picture. The Alderran story arc was ESPECIALLY good in my opinion.

Act 2. This was my favorite act based on the story and the planets involved. It made perfect sense for me to be assigned to the Rift Alliance, and as a Jedi, (even the Bar'senthor) it's my duty to carry out the orders of the supreme chancellor for the good of the Republic. Some people keep saying the traitor was sooo obvious but I guess I'm an idiot because it wasn't obvious to me. I also liked the way the Children of the Emperor story wove it's way into the plight of the Rift Alliance. It was like digging a hole and continuing to uncover a larger fossil than you thought you were going to. The more involved you got in the attempt to stem the onset of war, the more you discovered the manipulative plot of the 1st Son and the inevitability of a galaxy-wide conflict.

Act 3. This was my least favorite act based on the story and the planets involved. I absolutely LOVED how the story progressed and the finish of the story itself, but I did not like Voss at all. I enjoyed it so little that I'm actually dreading that part of the class story for every other class. That is the only reason I rate this act below act 1. Gathering allies made perfect sense to me because they made it quite obvious in the previous act that the republic forces alone will not be enough to overcome the Sith empire. The Voss mystics were introduced very well and it made perfect sense for me to try to recruit them. The Esh-Kha also made perfect sense and you actually interact with a being of the species of that guy who leads you around Belsavis in act 1 so that was a very nice tie-in. Of course Corellia was awesome and the payoff was a real mind blower for me. Again, maybe I'm an idiot but I didn't see that coming. Anyone can say the ending was sooo obvious after they've actually seen the ending, but if you've got 3 potential culprits to be the 1st Son, and you can only rule out 1 of them and you don't have an actual reason why you ruled out the 2nd one, that's not an obvious ending.


Qyzen: Those complaining about the fact that Qyzen's whole world revolves around the hunt simply don't like that part of Star Wars lore because ALL Trandoshans act like this. It is the thing that defines their race. Complaining about Qyzen's desire to hunt is like complaining about a Jedi's trust in the Force or a Sith's desire for power.

Theran: I didn't really care about Theran after I finished with Nar Shadaa. I could have done without him. (Although I would not have been able to solo the end boss without him.)

Iresso: He made perfect sense to me. Stationed on Hoth because of his checkered past, fighting a losing battle on Hoth, assigned to you because you effectively end the Hoth conflict.

Zenith: He also made perfect sense to me. Betrayed and forced to watch his planet fall to ruin under an imperial regime. It would be unrealistic for him to be happy, trustful or honorable.

Nadia: The perfect padawan. Everything about her story from her latent, raw force abilities to her father's fate set her up to be the perfect padawan.

I rate the Jedi Consular storyline an 8/10. Voss brings the story down for me but everything else was brilliant.

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