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OTOH, I loved pretty much all of agent's companions. They all interact a fair amount, their companion storylines intersect, and they most definitely do not get along. (In fact, they spend a fair amount of time spying on each other and betraying each other. I'm honestly kind of surprised that I haven't come back to the docking bay to find a giant crater where my ship used to be, and learn that all of my companions have scattered to the winds, other than Vector, who's standing in the middle of the crater with a confused look on his face.)

So it depends. Some classes have more interesting companions than others. Some companion storylines are more interesting than others.
I laughed at this I've yet to get SCORPIO, so the parade isn't full quite yet, but we're getting there

I found the Jedi Consular companions interesting, I just wish they had spaced them better. Nadia's storyline is really, really rushed, especially if you romance her, it's just over before you realise it...
Aside from that I really wish to see how they pan out in a future story expansion, especially Quizen and Iresso
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