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04.29.2012 , 11:14 AM | #459
Guild World PVP.

Ive spent a good time PVPing in the Outlaw den. And i thought it would be a good idea if there were little strongholds like that on other worlds aswell. Maybe if you hold the outlaw den of some sort you could get a little valor boost (5%) or something small and beneficial to everyone in the guild. That in turn gives your guild a reason to hold it; and reason for other guilds to attack it. There is already a GTN, mailbox, and cargo bays there. Seems like its already set up for a guild to move in and take it by force. No need for NPCs, maybe a few scouts to alert the whole guild there is an attack, but called an outlaw den for a reason.
By putting in multiple Strongholds other guilds wouldn't be upset about an overpowering guild hoarding all the bonus'. Maybe the largest stronghold would be the hardest to defend, which would leave some of the smaller guilds easier to defend strongholds. As those guilds get stronger they can start probing and making attacks on the larger strongholds. I know on my server there are already some guild rivalries. If we cant be rated in skill let us have some pride in where we decide to hang our hats. I think this promotes healthy rivalries and allows the players to just pvp without constraints.
I know guild ships and banks and tabards all sound like a great direction for guilds in the future. But if i want to be an outlaw pillaging and looting as i see fit with my band of misfits. I should be allowed to, and the Republic can do their hardest to stop me.