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His AOE at the end. We all run out of it, nowhere near it and we die.

Tried again, Got out of it, popped every CD and we all got 1shot.

We arent missing anything, we have done HM Kephess before.

Please explain.

Fix it BW.
known bug, but still survivable with raid wide use of consumables and cooldowns. we were able to kill him through this on tuesday on our 2nd go, wiping the first time from not anticipating everyone taking ticks despite being all the way at a wall.

As a guardian, I popped Enure, one of those front loaded + hot medpacks, and guardian leapt at a sage that had sprinted out, which didn't stop my ticks, but helped reduce theirs. raid survived at like 10-15%, healers just focused on getting the tank back up and occasionally threw an aoe heal down on the ranged group. As a melee I pretty stayed at low hp the remainder of the fight, which is ok because theres no more raid damage.
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