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In all the things that go into an MMO, having very diverse companions along with quests and such aren't very high on the to-do list. They did well.
Considering that the whole diverse companions with compelling and interesting backstories which you will be involved in resolving was a huge selling point of the game... no, they didn't do well.

I've only been through the Sith Warrior fully at this point, and there was a marked difference between Vette and all the others. The others were interesting to listen to, but there was no interactivity or involvement on my part. It was primarily "Yea... I'm going to go take care of that stuff we just talked about, I'll be back in an hour or so *blackscreen* Kay, I'm back. It's totally dealt with, we're good." The closest to "interactive" any of them were was Quinn's,
Compared to Vette's where you actually help her out and have some interaction in resolving her problem, there's a drastic difference.