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I would give the cosnualr story line an 8 or 9 out of 10.

The first chapter is weak, but then its a fetch/kill/capture quest, franky the Trooper and the Jedi Knight is the same the only diffrence is you can let animosity fuel your motivation for JK or Trooper. Smuggler you are an errand boy/girl.

same with inquisitor, i think Sith Warrior is really diffrent as you are working toward corrupting some one Jeasa Willsam.

Consular you have no onset of Animosity with Vivicar, he dosent troll you like Angral or send minions to attack you. He didnt monumentaly screw you over like Skavik.

But chapter 2 and 3 are very focused. The goal is 2 pronged ferret out the Children of the emperor sleeper agents and strengthen the republic by building an army. And that is a white knuckle ride.