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Darth maul is marauder ,not assassin.
Why in hell would Exar Kun be an assassin?Just because he uses double-bladed lightsaber?He is more of a sorcerer.
Also Bane was never a jedi ! i don't know why you would write that.And yes he is a juggernaut.
Based on his fighting style, I agree with Maul as a marauder. While he's dressed in the robes of an assassin, and carries the doublebladed saber, he never showed that he incorporated any mastery of force lightning into his attacks.

A poster above regards Boba Fett as a Powertech. Certainly there's not the discrepancy between fighting style of one class and the gear of another as with Maul, but I always saw Boba Fett as a mercenary.
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