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1) Yes, they clearly aren't. Except maybe clonedzero because he agrees with my premise.

2) What? Was that supposed to be some form of evidence?

3) So because the game examples fail to meet your expectations youre going to castrate all dark side characters? And i personally found the entire story for the sw to be very entertaining. While some dark side options might seem rather arbitrary, others were excellent in testing the players resolve to the darkside. And if youre tired of seeing examples from the darth bane series, look at Deceived and the reasons behind Malgus's decision to kill his twilek love. Again, an excellent explanation of the true nature of the darkside as well as showing exactly how meangingful darkside choices are.

Why am i not surprised that you weren't able to induce what I was trying to say? I think a FIVE year old would have been able to make that inferrence.

4) No, he isn't. I'm not sure how you can possibly draw that non sequitor from the creator of the rule of two (who can also be indirectly attributed to the destruction of the jedi). That is unless you want to argue that since every preceeding sith is more powerful than his master, Bane is the weakest sith due to him being first in line.

5) Yes, they have. The example of what bane needed to do to stay alive showed where a light sith would have failed because
a) the light sith would not have access to the healing powers of the jedi
b) the light sith would not have been able to draw complete strength from the darkside as bane did.

I imagine the light sith to be like a failed hybrid spec, taking a few abilities from 2 to 3 completely different trees and missing access to the most powerful abilities of those said trees. (and no, im not dissing hybrid specs. if thats your immediate reaction, reread what i just wrote).

3. Okay.... Let's pull up an example, shall we?

On Corellia, as a SW, you need to track down a spy of Baras', and shut down his operations. Upon meeting him, you find out that he's a deep cover plant in the resistance, and is constantly leading Republic troops into unwinnable battles. This man is almost single-handedly winning the fight for the Empire, and his death will result in huge Imperial losses.

The Dark Side option is, of course, to just kill him. Great job. You just prolonged the war at the cost of The Empire.

The LS option is to recrute him for Darth Vowrawn: Defeating resistance holdouts across Coronet city with fewer Imperial deaths. Everything is better for everyone.

One of those options is stupid. One of them is smart. Take your pick.

At least 85% of the other Dark Side options fall into the same system.

3. A. It was a joke. At your expense. Because you failed to spell the word five.

4. Then I suppose the Rule of Two was a failure then. If Bane was already the pinnacle of Sith knowledge on the Force, his entire Order was pointless.

5. A. Why?
B. Why?

Still not seeing your logic.


Quote: Originally Posted by DarthPunitor View Post
At the end of the second book in the Darth Bane series, Bane and his apprentice must fight the top 5 jedi masters of the time. This fight is, for lack of a better phrase, f****** awesome. It also has some mmo mechanics too it as well such as tanking and healing. That said, there were several key factors that allowed bane and his apprentice to win. I'm assuming you have actually read the series so I will only remind you of the most important factor. Bane's armor consisted of orbalisks which served as strong protection against the jedi. These orbalisks, literally FED on the dark side. Had bane been weaker in the darkside he would not have been able to use them, thus making himself completely vulnerable to the jedi. This is yet another specific example i have provided.
And Bane eventually removed the orbalisks because he realized they were weakening him.