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you miss the point entirely. i'm saying as evidenced countless times in the books, tv shows, movies, comics, games ect. that being more powerful with the force doesn't mean a whole lot because someone weaker can beat you just as easily as someone more powerful.

you also keep with that "you're interpreting the dark side like a 5 year old would". well why don't you enlighten us instead of insulting us for apparently not understanding some mystical explanation that will make them seem like better written characters.

if you actually took the time to actually READ my posts i never disagreed with you. i was saying that a lightside sith might be less powerful than a darkside sith who fully embraced the darkside. i never said you were wrong. i said you were wrong to assume that an arbitrary power level that has NEVER been a factor in any sort of star wars fiction isn't really a big deal. so being slightly less powerful with the force cus you have self control still by being a lightside sith isn't a bad thing.

hell, the down fall of almost every sith i can think of is because they are all super darkside and it caused them to be stupid leading to their death, betrayal, falling into a trap. ect. i mean giving completely into the darkside means you're an entirely emotion driven creature. do you know how easy an emotionally driven person can be manipulated and tricked?

like you said, other people who aren't as powerful in the force often compensate for that with gadgets and such. so if that counters the huge force power advantage, why fully embrace the darkside like that?

and please dont insult us by calling us 5 year olds again. because if im missing something, please explain it in a mature manner. it really doesn't help your point when you come off as an angry guy who's yelling at people cus they disagree.
First of all, I'm not sure how you can draw a correlation between "how a five year old would interpret it" and yelling. At the worst, that might have been slightly condescending.

At the end of the second book in the Darth Bane series, Bane and his apprentice must fight the top 5 jedi masters of the time. This fight is, for lack of a better phrase, f****** awesome. It also has some mmo mechanics too it as well such as tanking and healing. That said, there were several key factors that allowed bane and his apprentice to win. I'm assuming you have actually read the series so I will only remind you of the most important factor. Bane's armor consisted of orbalisks which served as strong protection against the jedi. These orbalisks, literally FED on the dark side. Had bane been weaker in the darkside he would not have been able to use them, thus making himself completely vulnerable to the jedi. This is yet another specific example i have provided.

The downfall of the sith is more directly attributed to infighting than any other external influence. As i said earlier, i have developed my own philosophy different from the rule of 2 and the pre Ruusan sith philosophy. It is not relevant to this argument but i would be perfectly willing to discuss it in a different thread.

Ha, it gives them an edge but it doesnt make them equal. I LOVE the Fetts, from cassus to boba but that doesnt make them superior to force users. All of jangos gadgets barely allowed him to escape from obi wan, and, as much as i hate the jedi, mace killed jango pretty easily. And, lets not look at how Boba died before the eu resurrected him. (though jeter also presented Boba Fett as someone who makes dark side choices and he was ALSO interesting. yet another example i have provided). This as been pretty thoroughly discussed on other threads. I love mandos and my main is a bh but lets be pragmatic. Im also skeptical about the qualities of Beskar but if im going to agree with orbalisks i probably have to concede on the whole beskar issue too (even though we all know traviss took a lot of liberties with her novels).
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