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I'll offer some feedback.

First of all, the main quest line of the event took place on a planet I could not go to. Until this week, I did not have a character above level 24. I am told the minimum level for Tatooine is level 25. So, the only option I had to participate in the event was catch the plague, die, and sell my DNA samples because I wasn't going to get to Tatooine to turn them in. That appears to have been naive on my part as the turn in was in a city and not out in the world with a bunch of monsters. Next time, I'll be better prepared. But it would have been nice to have some sort of non-spoiler official guide to the event on your website that explained what was going on and what to do. You don't have to be detailed. A "Get sick, go to Tatooine, talk to a jawa, there's a quest, rewards a-plenty" would have sufficed.

It would have been nice for the event to be split in to level range. Anyone from levels 10 - 20 have this part, 20 - 50 can do this part. You can do more of the event as you progress in level.

An opt out would also be a welcome addition. I did not want my characters to explode. But I also did not like having to spend two thousand credits on a vaccine that would go away if I was killed by some other method forcing me to buy the vaccine again. How about a one time fee for your own vaccine that you use once and it lasts a set amount of time no matter what happens to you? If you no longer want that immunity, either right-click it off yourself, or too bad, you must wait the full duration. The vaccine didn't quite work as it could have.

There was a lot of griefing on this. I didn't want to get infected yet someone would wait until they almost were about to explode and then run to a group and infect them all. And no guards near the cantina area? "We'll keep it confined to the airlocks. But if someone does get through, we'll have to wait for the band to die to know we have a problem on the Promenade." I thought that was just...wrong. One patrol would have been fine.

Unless I'm missing something, the Rakghouls come from Taris (that's where I first encountered them.) Why was nothing planned for Taris?

No closing event to the event itself? It just...ended. No news cast about a doctor finding a cure. No Republic / Imperial safety mail informing us the danger has passed. No broadcast telling us the travel ban to Tatooine is now over and the space lanes are all clear. Just one day it's there, servers down for maintenance, event done. *lets air out of the balloon* For a company that puts a lot of emphasis on story, Bioware dropped the ball on that part. I'm not trying to be mean. Just pointing out there was no closure.

OH, one last thing. Don't let a plague get in to a flashpoint or warzone. A Hammer Station party wiped when two people in the group died of the plague during a fight. That happened twice to me and I thought that was wrong. I never did a warzone during the event but I imagine it would be just as unsavory there too.

That's all I have. It was rather exciting. Maybe I can participate more in the next one.
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