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My main, a male human light side Sith Juggernaut has 3 children with Vette - Twi'liek female twins that are Jedi Sage (light side, conventional Jedi) and Gunslinger (typical smuggler, rebellious although good, taking most light side options) whom were both taken from the empire at birth. His son is a Cyborg Imperial Agent - he's an imperial loyalist for the most part and is extremely proud of his heritage, although he was shunned from the Sith academy for his cybernetic modifications. For this reason he became an agent, and isn't particularly fond of the Sith society as a whole other than his father.

My Juggernaut is allies with my Jedi Sentinel, who is a male Miraluka and a gray Jedi for all intents and purposes, mostly because he is a light side Sith and they met outside of political circumstances. Having known each other from the academy, the Juggernaut's Sage daughter is not fond of the Sentinel's friendship with a Sith, though she has no idea it is her father. My Sentinel's brother is an extreme Republic loyalist Commando (male human) and is somewhat of a chaotic neutral. He hates my Juggernaut (rivals).

My Mercenary is my Juggernaut's brother, and is a work-for-himself typical bounty hunter. He is also the adopted father of my Zabrak Sith Assassin (dark side).

I'm hoping that very soon they expand the relationship options within the tree, so that I can solidify all of these. For now, only a few of them are actually in the tree, and the rest are in my head.
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