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Quote: Originally Posted by snooggums View Post
It isn't YOUR gear until you win the roll. Feel free imitating a five year old child.
My companion isn't in the instance, your companion isn't in the instance. If I don't get gear I cannot perform to spec. Next time it happens I'm going to let the guys run into the final boss then run the other way and laugh like a maniac

eta: wish I could record that, happening. That's a vid that needs to get made.

Quote: Originally Posted by Asante View Post
Personally I'd change the order to "Need > Companion > Reverse Engineer > Greed"
But yes, I think a new option for companions would solve those problems... because your claim for them is not strong enough to need, but stronger than greed and taking apart... at least that's my opinion...
Need > Companion > Mod/Engineer > Greed.

Lets say the Helmet drops twice in Athiss. Well I can yank the mods out and slap them in another piece of gear and get a very significant upgrade.

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