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hello everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. i have a few questions regarding the game and in particular, some armour i hope to get for my Jedi Sage.

i'm currently level 48, un-guilded. everything i know i have had to find out for myself and even now i'm finding things that aren't immediately clear to me - this is NOT a bad thing, it just means more to discover!
ifinally found out the armours that i have seen and reeeeeeeally like: they are available from Rakata, Columi and Tionese vendors. I have since found out that they are available by earning commendations from certain hard mode operations. how does one get to take part in these operations? (i don't have a guild and don't know anyone. my own interaction with others is via RP or PvP ). also, a lot of the gear is shown twice with the extra set priced differently as 'unassembled' - what does this mean (apart from the obvious) and how does one assemble it? i'm sure i had more questions but i have forgotten them for now hehe. heres hoping some of you fine folk can help me with some advice
you can obtain tionese crystals and commendations through doing the hm flashpoints, which will become available to you once you hit 50 (although i think since 1.2 you are able to get columi and rakata gear in some hm flashpoints don't quote me on that, i don't really do flashpoints anymore so i'm not sure lol) you can get columi gear by doing normal mode operations. Once you are level 50 you can look in general chat for people looking to group for eternity vaut(EV) karaga's palace (KP) or denova which are the operations. They are usually 8man or 16 man, although it would be best if you were to join a guild in order to find a group for these faster. You can get rakata for doing the Hm of the first two operations i mentioned. While in the operations some of the bosses will drop unassembled gear, which you will turn in directly for the piece of gear you want. Getting it this way is a lot faster than having to grind 30 or so columi commendations and it is the only way you can get rakata gear. if you have more questions just ask, i have no problem helping

Edit: rereading this, some of it probably didn't make sense so if you have a question about something i said just point it out and i can be able to focus on that one aspect better