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Hey, guys and gals, sorry if Iím not supposed to post this in here, but I thought Iíd share a FREE website I had designed to help people that play SWTOR, and other games, find each other in order to play together. Games include online games of all types, table top RPGs, collectable card games, board games, and other types of multi-player games. It will be completely searchable so you can find the exact player type or guild type that youíre looking for. Right now, it is available for early sign up so you can reserve your membership name (Gamer Name) and gain early access in order to set up all or some of the 4 profiles that will be available to you. For more information and to sign up, please check out the site! or on Facebook:

MODS: This is a legit, free site that players of SWTOR can use to recruit guild members, find a guild to play with, or simply find other players with similar play styles to play your game together. It is not a dating site. I would greatly appreciate it if you donít delete this post. If you have questions, please PM me and I will follow up accordingly.

Thank you everyone!

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