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I use a razer naga and have those three bound to the bottom row of buttons so I can just roll my thumb. Probably takes me half a second to fire them all up. Shift + that row does my wz heal/adrenaline rush/medpack so it hits whatever healing I have up at the time. I could probably macro each of those rows into one button if I better understood my own mouse, lmao.

Considering we don't have the 70% slow working, I certainly abuse the hell out of the extra AoE boost. Build a 5 stack, blow CDS, toss a sticky, HtL, MV and PC. That'll take up to 5 enemies from full to damn near dead and it will probably kill at least a couple of them.

My sentinel guildie was charging ahead of me to stop 4 enemies from capping in Novare. He leapt in figuring it was a suicide to buy time and then he sees all the enemy health dropping fast. He assumed the cavalry had arrived behind him as all 4 of them died, but no, it was just me. That has been my favorite pvp moment since I went Tactics.
I have a razer naga as well, and may have to reset up my keys to just chain click them. I love my naga, but have no idea how to do a tenth of the stuff it let's me do. I also have the sidewinder keyboard which gives me macro keys. But I am lost as to how to set it up.

It is not "scrub" work to "abuse" your bug. The fact that they screwed you out of a PG slow gives you every right to abuse it till people complain, and they fix it. Trust me the slow is absolutely awesome, but if you had the slow and the aoe boost. You would be seriously super powered.

Truth be told the Tibetan Candle might be the best Vanguard pvp build currently despite its ridiculous heat management. You get rolling dots and a working ranged slow to set up PG. I will say this much recently I have run into more and more Norse and 31 spec Tactics guys in the WZ. I ran into two of them and absolutely destroyed them. I wanted to yell, "Don't come into my house and try and beat me with my build!". Haha!

I actually traded blows with a really good Tactics guy. The deciding blow was I ran out of his PG by strafing and running through him, and he couldn't get out of my PFT.
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