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Thread is looking really good atm, My favourite is by far the Fat twi'lek gardener. Anywho, I am doing a very Deciving character.

Species/Race: Ratataki
Name: Valorum
Middle Name: Thors
Last Name: Haikel (Later became Kestel due to adpotion)
Nickname: Val, Knightfall
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Place of Birth: Rattatak Capital
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 79 Kilos
Hair Color/Style: Had black hair when Child, Lost hair when 14 years of age
Facial Appearance: Two scars on either side of mouth, 3 tatoo's sweep across his face, small ear stud. Deep voice.
Eye Color: Bronze
Body Appearance: Tall and muscular. (Body size 3 on SWTOR)
Home Planet: Rattatak
Current Residence: Dark Temple, Dromund Kaas, at the very peak of the sculptre. Worshiping Darth Nihilus
Allegiance: Previously Empire, now dedicated as servent of Nihilus.
Profession: Sith Assasin
Armor/Clothes: Nihilus's Mask (Replica) Columi Battlegear.
Primary Weapon(s): Purple crystaled Saberstaff.
Secondary Weapon(s): Force Shield Generator
Miscellaneous Item(s): Nihilus's Lightsaber (Origonal, but never used)


Valorum Thors Hailek grew up on the planet Rattatak happily with his Father, Brother, Sister and his mother. He was the youngest of all his family apart from his sister who was like any other younger sister. He spent time hunting with his brother and father, but he spent the most time with his mother. His dad was a veteran in the repblic army and his older brother was training as a republic forces officer. His dream was to become a jedi. He thanked the jedi his life was happy. A year later, 4 days after Valorum turned twelve, his mother died after she had been infected with Rakghoul Plauge. Valorum was so derverstaded. He no longer had belief in the jedi.

Two years later, he had been told by his father that his sister had been learning the ways of the force since Valorum's mother had died. His father had been encouriging her to carry on. With anger an hatred in his blood, Valorum then force pulled a republic vibrosword from the wall that was there of decoration. His father then drew his own blade, the two now men, began to brawl. After a short but tricky battle, Valorum parried his fathers blade to the side and then uppercutted his fathers throat with the vibrosword. His father then fell to the floor, trembeling with gore. Valorum then struck his father down. He had killed his own flesh.

As a matter of this, Valorum's brother Simon had completed his training as a republic forces officer and had also turned age to legally live by himself. So for 6 months, Valorum was under the care of his older brother, until Simon had found the blood stained weapon was held by His own brother! Then he had taken four other republic forces officers to murder Valorum, but now Valorum had been taking training lessons in meele combat, he would have been even tougher than before. They took action in this and bought rifles with them to finish Valorums life. But this tactic didn't work. Valorum had slaughtered all five officers including his Brother. He was now with his sister, taken to a fosterhouse on Nar Shadda.

Valorum now on the planet of scavengers and smugglers, was then taken into care by Kaios Kestel, his wife and three sons, Jankol the Eldest, who was a scavenging little boy. Kae, who was hoping to become a trooper for the republic. and Riagnos, the youngest and Valorums Faviroute of the family. Riagnos was only 6 when he met Valorum, but The boy was very wise and new much about the sith. He listened to Riagnos's teachings of the sith and was intruiged by them. when Valorum was 19 and had been staying with the family for 5 years now.. The day night before Valorum was going to start his own life in the world, the sith burn't the houses all over Nar shadda down. The only 2 who escaped unharmed was Valorum and Kaios, the two eldest made it out with minor head and jaw injurys but Kaios's wife had not made it out alive. And Riagnos was missing. Valorum disapeered of in the smoke and found a sith Overseer. He had then made the biggest mistake of all, he had just signed up for the sith.

He then became pure sith and then read the History of sith lord Darth Nihilus, he was so intruiged by this he created his own clan, this was called the Archives of Nihilus. After Valorum had spent many years in the sith, and had became Darth Valorum, he thougt it was time to leave the sith after 21 years of slaughter. Valorum the dedicated his life to the mysteries of the sith Lord Darth Nihilus. He began and finished his complexed studies on Dromund Kaas. He then met his greatest Foe yet, Fesoj Kestel. After reuniting with the sith an then Killing many jedi while trying to kill Fesoj. He also killed Kaios in the raid of the jedi order. Kaios was acctually a jedi who opened a small jedi academy on the oceon planet of Manaan. Kaios told him just before he died that Riagnos was still alive and was now sith. Valorum slaughtered many jedi and then never stopped this vile addiction.

Then he reicived a holocall from Fesoj Kestel himself. He told him that they would end there final duel on Martelet XII. Valorum agreed to this, but while on his approach to the abandoned space station he found one of the most heart warming things he had seen in this life. It was the Ravenger! (Darth Nihilus's ship) He then found Nihilus's lightsaber on the jukyard of a ship and took the weapon with him and kept it safe. He then forged a replica of Nihilus's mask in just one week and carried on toward Martelet XII.

When he found Fesoj on Martelet XII The two imediatlly lunged into battle, they both counter attacked eachother constantly until Valorum was force into a heavy pile of Desh rock. There was a meere silence until Valorum lunged out of the rock with his lightsaber split in half. They fought bravley and one half of Valorums lightsaber was cut into half and broke. Now Valorum only had one saber but still fought with utter bravery. The battle took many minutes until Valorum plummeted the end of his lightsaber into Fesoj's face and kicked him back. This then resulted into seeing Fesoj's SaberKnife. Then the two titans clashed again. after Valorum then used the same technique as he did on his farther, but the instead of stabbing him straight on, he gripped Fesoj's SabeKnife from his belt and Twirled and pressed the ingited SaberKnife into his windpipe. Valorum left the jedi knight to die and the never went back to the sith.

Valorum now meditates at the Peak of the scuplture in the dark temple on Dromund Kaas. He refuses to come down and kills anyone who interupts him. You might be thinking well, what happened to his sister? Well she did become a jedi in the end, she weilded two lightsabers, and Orange Lightsaber and a Blue ligthsaber. She went to the dark temple and faced Valorum herself, she interupted Valorum, and she was quickly delt with after one of the scupltures was force onto her and broke her jaw, having so much impact on the blood circulation, she died of blood loss. Now nobdy dares to interupt Valorum, he now wears the mask of Nihilus, and No-one else does.
Valorum, Ratataki, Deception, Sith Assassin. [Red Eclipse]
Guild: Archives of Nihilus