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04.28.2012 , 09:40 AM | #453
James my boy, you just don't seem to get it do you.

The only form of open world PvP that I and probably 99% of the thousands of people that have left this game was open world PvP, this game has none so many people left. Open world PvP is when you randomly bump into the enemy faction on a planet and have a fight, no instances, no balance just pure chance meetings.

One of the main reasons wow was so popular was because it was totally sandbox in Azeroth for world pvp, you could pretty much attack anything, this allowed people to form huge raids to take down enemy leaders in capital cities. It also caused huge wars to be fought in places like Hillsbrad, these were the best gaming days of my life.

In SWTOR you have totally ruined any form of world PvP by separating the factions so much with huge barriers, some of them invisible and giving base guards 200K HP and making them Elite champions. James you have made it clear that you do not condone world PvP in this game by your teams actions in designing the planets. In response the fans have made it clear they will go and play GW2 or go back to WOW and take their money with them. I will be joining them when my sub expires.

If you want to save your game:
  • Take down the barriers that separate factions
  • Lower the base guards HP
  • Make quests to attack enemy bases
  • Remove fleet from the game and put players on the planets
  • Remove teleporting to flashpoints, make them ride to them on planets
  • Make some 40 v 40 Warzones like Alterac Valley
  • 8 v 8 is embarasing for a 2012 MMO, GW2 supports 500

Oh and stop listening to the whiners that say they will be ganked, just do what Blizzard and trion do, tell them to roll PvE!