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Nice Thread, i like the fact how so many people enjoy roleplay like me
This is not my main character, it is the 1 who has the most effective story.

Species/Race: Human
Name: Narr
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Ozcarl
Nickname: The Gatekeeper, Oscar (Nickname by Master Fesoj Kestel)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: (12 years before the mandolorain wars)
Place of Birth: Isis, Onderon
Age: over 300 years old (looks in mid 20's)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Hair Color/Style: Black hair, flowing over his ears, down to his neck, averagley long fringe
Facial Appearance: Scar across neck and face, Average nose, Thick curved eyebrows, White skin, not very tan, hair coverd ears.
Eye Color: Shining yellow
Body Appearance: Slim (Body Type 2 on game)
Home Planet: Onderon
Current Residence: Tython
Allegiance: Republic
Profession: Jedi Sentinel
Armor/Clothes: Hooded cloak, Malachor V Battle Mesh
Primary Weapon(s): Gold crystaled lightsaber (His brother's lightsaber), Green crystaled lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Force powers
Miscellaneous Item(s): Naga Sadow's relic

2 years after the mandolorian wars began, Mandalorians took over Onderon, Narr's parents and other citizens were abducted by the mandalorians. Narr Ozcarl and his brother Rezulo Ozcarl were both rescued by Jedi Master Zhar Lestin and were both trained at the jedi order on Coruscant.

Rezulo was quite a bit older than Narr so Rezulo was alot more skilled and quickly became a Jedi knight. Rezulo was shortly deployed on his 1st mission. To find a lost holocrom on Raxus Prime. But Narr was catching up quickly and had already and forged his lightsaber while Rezulo was on his mission, Narr was so eager to tell Rezulo but unfortunatley he never got to. Master vrook of the jedi council had reported that on the mission, 5 thugs had shot Rezulo to death on Raxus Prime, Narrs dead brother only managed to cut down 1 thug. The only thing that was recoverd was Rezulo's gold colored lightsaber. Narr now weilded his own, and his borther's lightsaber.

A year after Narr was deployed on a mission to Duro, the homeworld of the race "Duros". Narr was too arrest a bounty hunter named Varvyras, who had destroyed half of a local town. Narr sucssesfully defeated the guards of Varvyras's Lair and arrested Varyvras himself. The council were incredibly impressed. and gave him a force medallion as a gift of the mission, Narr wore it across his waist.

Towards the end of the Mandolorian wars after many missions, Narr was assigned on a battle upon the planet Malachor V along with several other jedi, including The Exile. Towards the beggining, of the battle, Narr had struck several sith down, including a Sith Overseer, but was blown into the very core of the planet and was faitily wounded he had also lost the force medallion in the impact. What Narr did not know, was The Exile (actually named Meetra Surik) had joined Darth Revan, who was leading the imperial forces, and had murderd most of the republic forces. The remaning republic forces had retreated, apart from Narr who had been abandoned on the planet and simply left to die. But as he lay there darth revan aproached him, and he said to him "You have been chosen by the core. You have been summoned to protect the Tomb of Naga Sadow, you are The Gatekeeper."

For 300 years, Narr Ozcarl was enslaved on korriban in the tomb of Naga Sadow. He was used as a tool, and the dark energy would make sure that he would never be defeated. (Explanation of being so old) But when revan saw the light after 300 years and returned Narr Ozcarl to the order on Tython, His face was coverd in Scars. but when he returned, he was In perfect health, he felt as he had fell out of the Sky...

When he returned to the council there was a new Grandmaster, Satele Shan who had retitled Narr, as Knight of The Old Republic. But scince the time back at the temple on Tython, Narr still had to achive another title, Jedi Master. A month or so after He had settled at the temple, Narr was deployed on his mission to become a true Jedi. He was departed to Quesh, where he met Master Fesoj Kestel. Narr found Kestel quite annoying as he was called the Nickname "Oscar" which was mocking his last name. Their mission was to recover a relic from a droid: The Rogue Cartel Warbot. after a feirce battle the warbot had lost hall for of its limbs and had taken a stab to the chest. Kestel opened the heart of the warbot, and retrived the relic.

When both jedi returned to te temple they handed over the relic to Grandmaster Satele Shan and in return, she gave Narr The Relic of Naga Sadow. He was given it to unlock his title of master as he had been in the tomb of Naga Sadow for so long. after a week of trying to unlock it, one night, Narr saw Sadow in a vision. He told Narr to use the force. Narr used his battle meditation ability to focus and purple aura began to suck into the relic, it had finally opend. The next day, Narr Ozcarl took the relic To Grandmaster Shan. Shan nodded to him, and congratulated him by calling him Master Ozcarl...

(To be continued)
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