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1. A lot of people run them in-guild so they're basically 'out of the public pool' of folks unless they're missing a body themselves.

2. A lot of the heroics are solo-able now. I only need a group for Poisonus Strategies and Lights Out at this point, so while sometimes I'll bring someone in looking to run 'em, I often am just doing it at my leisure and don't have to worry about anyone else's timeframe or skipping a couple here and there if I want.

3. Group Makeup - Commonly the tank or the healer is missing so when you see folks in general looking it's commonly those two roles that are missing or one of the two.

4. Time of day is also important. As I run my dailies at different times of the day I naturally see a fluxuation of people looking for groups at certain times. Mid-to-Late afternoon and early-to-mid evening is the best time to find groups for most from a pure-numbers standpoint. However, sometimes I get on right after reset in the morning and can run 'em without anyone else or only a few on the whole planet which makes it easier for me to get in and out for the most part. It's not a big deal really, most stuff respawns fairly quickly but sometimes it's nice not having to deal with folks leapfrogging you and having to wait for the spawn(s).

5. Sometimes people just don't need to bother with putting together the group. I don't need the gear, the only thing I get is commendations, credits and some BOE mods which I am only storing to sell or to send to an alt - and the only thing I need to spend daily comms on at this point are implants/earpieces for my companions so I'm not generally in a hurry to get every single comm per-day that I can. I imagine it's like that for a lot of folks, among other reasons I'm sure.

Other than these reasons, some folks talk about other folks not being friendly, the game not promoting grouping, groups taking too long to form, etc. etc. etc. I sometimes do and sometimes don't group, depends on what I'm doing at that moment, if I want to spend time waiting or if I plan on doing something else shortly, etc, or one of the above reasons. By and large though, at least on my server (Master Zhar Lestin) I see plenty of groups getting formed, and plenty of friend/guild groups running as well. Now when my alt gets capped, I'll be running those dailies on that toon as well and will probably opt to do more grouping to start with until I too can solo the majority of heroics on that toon too.