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Hello everyone! James Ohlen, Game Director for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is looking for your feedback on the game's development once again. This week, with the Rakghoul Plague finally contained, he's looking for feedback on in-game events.

"The Rakghoul Plague was a very popular event. You’re going to see more surprises like it in the future.

I want to hear your thoughts on why you thought the Rakghoul plague was fun. Also, what kind of stuff would you like to see in the future?"

  1. NEVER do progression daily quests again. ever.
  2. a holiday event that encourages killing of world bosses is OK, i don't mind that part.
  3. groups, on servers that have the numbers to create world boss Ops , is a good thing.
  4. an Ilum Christmas Tree Raising with Vehicles, or Vehicle defense/offense, in the PvP zone, hilarious fun. think about it.
  5. Having Disease application flag you for PvP, is not a good thing at all, especially if outnumbered on tatooine at low level.
  6. The Title is a good thing. it's a familiar, copied thing, but it works.
  7. Without the title, i don't think people would have entered into RPO at all, even with the crystals/pets/custom belt.
  8. NEVER do Progression Daily Quests AGAIN. Ever.
  9. the disease mechanic was, and did break without a timer to know if it was going to tick/progress. it often got stuck in phases if the player had to travel, or got stuck on the fleet.
  10. i think players had to work this holiday out by looking at Fan Site'n (plural of fan sites), which is akward, especially if they get it wrong. i'm thinking here of the crimson rakling (?) easter egg hunt.
  11. RPO, was not casual friendly at all. you could not complete it in 3 days or a weekend.
  12. making holiday events work for a weekend, should be a priority, even if it breaks what you have planned out over a 4 day cycle or a 14 day cycle.
  13. the legacy bind customisations were not random, i have 2 of the same character, not my own classes either.
  14. this was perhaps unfortunate. creating Tradeable Legacy items is probably not the option, nor is GTN Sellable Legacy Customisations, allowing the vendor to buy the customisation back, for a token. which could then purchase another random box, solves the problem, and adds a risk/reward value other than "farm tokens at 15 tokens/hour for ~2 hours in a stationary area"
  15. Legacy items were a good choice, pity that the custom gear wasn't legacy bound, or purchaseable with tokens or DNA Samples.
  16. it would have been better if the Daily quests handed out Legacy tokens for Custom gear, so that legacy options would be available for characters to trade gear between high and low level characters who didn't take part but could get to the vendor to buy the item required.
  17. The event was not legacy Friendly, the title could only be gained by LvL 50 players.
  18. the crystals were a good idea. Pity nobody could buy them or afford to buy them, due to the high cost and low appeal (15 tokens/hour = 6 hours of a player being in the same location, and dying at least 17x per crystal.)
  19. the Economics were busted. the dailies didn't reward enough DNA samples for players to buy items with, the timer-based death, wasn't efficient or practical, a player had to remain in the same zone for periods of hours to collect these samples, often in the exact same position. you were encouraging griefing and AFK farming for tokens. which is inexcusable.
  20. the orange/custom gear, was Progression Quest based. which means a significant number of people have 2 or 3 or 4 items and not the complete set. i would estimate 0.1% of the people who have 1 Containment Officer item, don't have the chest or belt. it' can't be higher than 5%.
  21. you could have made the holiday a lot better by making the infections work, or setting the DNA Samples as GTN tradeable, even if only on the Neutral GTN (lore-based quarantine/health notions, like on eBay)
  22. sidenote: why is there still a 50 post limit on the GTN 5 months after launch...
  23. NEVER do Progression Dailies AGAIN. Ever.

Glaring, Obvious Mistakes that could have been addressed before implementation in no specific order,
  1. Legacy Companion Character Customisations being random loot boxes.
  2. Legacy Companion Character Customisations being limited to 8 Companion Characters.
  3. Progression Dailies
  4. Progression based holiday events in a Limited-Time Holiday Event.
  5. Non-Purchaseable Custom Gear to fill up Holiday set items that may be missing,
  6. Horrible Cost of Holiday based gear using Time/Tokens (DNA Samples/Hour)
  7. Broken core Mechanic - Infection Phase timers
  8. Non-Sellable DNA Samples

you don't need player feedback, you need to test the game and listen to that feedback from people who DO complete all of it, not just 20 people testing 20 things and getting the QA nod. change your QA approach or hire better MMO QA specialists.
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