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04.28.2012 , 03:16 AM | #11
My Sith everyone who opposes her. Wounded soldiers, defenseless natives, the antidote for the illness afflicting a tribe who has been a thorn at her side; she has chosen to go dark side on all of them.

She does not, however, betray those who has been usefull/will be usefull/has been a help to her and/or the empire. Doctor who created a anti-toxic waste serum for her; she let him defect to the Republic. Member of a dying order sworn to protect a planet form giant ants; talked down powerful sith lord who wanted to kill her for knowing too much. Captured Republic troops and rebels; let them live so their commander will confess about being part of an illegal, Senate sanctioned attack.

Also, knowledge. It's so hard to get good info now-a-days. It would be such a waste to destroy knowledge especially if it could be used against your enemies. So yeah, light side for knowledge.