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04.28.2012 , 01:00 AM | #345
No more RNG on purchasable loot items (companion customizations especially).

Making items that last 6 hours also last through death. Any PvP makes having an item that lasts 6 hours kind of a pointless exercise in wasting money.

Removing event specific buffs/debuffs after the event has ended. Seriously, the Rakghould Plague has been "contained" and yet people are still running around with the debuff and infecting each other in PvP.

More notice on events. I missed out on the first two days because I honestly didn't even realize anything was going on.

Not sure if someone listening to the broadcasts on the fleet would trigger a sound play for everyone else on the fleet or if it was just set up to play on a time interval. If it is the former, please change it to the latter.

Less of a "daily grind" to be able to complete everything and collect items like social gear and customizations. By this I mean the whole attitude of "Complete all the daily quests today and we'll give you another tomorrow so you can do it all over again". I don't have any issue with more quests becoming available as the event progresses, but I dislike the idea of having to do all of them each day to be able to do the next one. Would prefer it if I could miss a day or two and just go in and still be able to do all the quests as someone who hadn't missed any days. The current format put too much emphasis on players needing to log in everyday to stay on top of the event, and punishes you because you're busy outside of the game.

Edit: This is slightly off-topic, but it seems from the flavor of the event that we will not be seeing this return... Is there any plans to make event specific entries in the codex, things like titles, and even the special social gear more legacy wide, as to not punish those who are choosing to wait to make alts, since there are constantly being hinted things that are to come in the near future, such as new playable races and such. It's kind of annoying for someone who is a completionist to not be able to do something, simply because they chose to wait for another feature instead.